We design and manufacture a wide selection of switchboards, and offer fully customised solutions as well…

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EM&M can offer a variety of integrated enclosure options to create a high-end Distribution Board solution…

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From building management systems to street light controls, we have the Purpose Built Control Board for almost any need…

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About Us

Who We Are

Locally owned & operated for more than three decades, Electrical Maintenance & Manufacturing has been loyally supplying local and state-wide customers for 32 years. From small distribution boards to custom-made main switchboards up to & beyond 4000A ratings, Electrical Maintenance & Manufacturing helps electrical contractors get what they need, when they need it. Questions or concerns related to your project?—our friendly, fully qualified staff will help your organisation find the answers it needs quickly and effectively.

What we do

At Electrical Maintenance & Manufacturing, we take pride in being a multi-faceted organisation with a unique ability to design and manufacture high-quality custom control equipment for industrial and commercial applications. That ability is due in no small part to our in-house C.A.D facility, which gives clients complete control of their design and drawing requirements from start to finish. At EM&M, our solutions, products, engineering services, and personal approach to support make us the preferred choice of clients in the Illawarra region. Doubt it?—put our friendly team to the test!

Electrical Maintenance & Manufacturing, places swift, safe custom-control directly in the customer’s hands. We can accommodate a wide variety of tasks and requests, including:

  • Custom built, type-tested power switchboards
  • Custom and standard distribution boards
  • Power factor correction
  • Standby generation
  • Plant sequence controls
  • Material handling systems controls
  • Air conditioning & ventilation controls

EM&M also owns robust design and fabrication capabilities. Our solution offerings include:

  • Associated relay and PLC cubicles
  • Motor control and protection panels
  • Control desks
  • Control consoles
  • Cubicle Type MSBs incorporating supply authority metering
  • Whole current & combination tariffs
  • A range of Standard MSBs for indoor or weatherproof applications
  • Custom designed MSBs set to your exact specifications

But that’s not all...

Electrical Maintenance & Manufacturing provides a whole host of additional services, like:

  • Portable hydraulics control system services
  • Cost-effective Bus Bar construction for on-site installation
  • Modification of switchboards, switchgear & electrical locking systems
  • Copper and aluminium Cable Crimping up to 630mm2
  • Custom-built sheet metal

The bottom line?—when you need highly efficient fabrication capabilities coupled with a significant quantity of custom control, EM&M is the only solution provided with the team and tools to meet your needs.

What we believe in

Two things: safety and producing quality products.


Keeping people, equipment, and facilities safe is our #1 priority as a business. That’s why EM&M utilizes a highly structured training manual and process for all employees to ensure full compliance with our outstanding OH&S reputation. All our processes and practices adhere to both commercial and industrial requirements.

Quality Products

At EM&M, we pride ourselves on designing, fabricating, and providing our customers with quality products. We do everything in our power to keep your installation a stress-free process by ensuring orders are manufactured perfectly and delivered on-time.

In our continued effort to provide the best products in Australia, EM&M has partnered with IS Systems Pty Ltd. By combining the electrical engineering expertise of ISS with the manufacturing magic of EM&M, we will be better able to offer intelligent, turnkey solutions for our joint customer base.