We design and manufacture a wide selection of switchboards, and offer fully customised solutions as well…

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EM&M can offer a variety of integrated enclosure options to create a high-end Distribution Board solution…

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From building management systems to street light controls, we have the Purpose Built Control Board for almost any need…

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Purpose Built Control Boards

Our panel offerings include…

Power Factor Correction Panels

These can be custom built or EM&M can upgrade existing systems—as well as standard series—from various manufacturers.

Refrigeration Control Panels

EM&M refrigeration control panels are designed to meet the specific needs of the system being installed, and will help ensure store conditions are perfectly maintained.

Building Management System Panels

EM&M offers high-performance Building Management System Panels, capable of controlling all mechanical and electrical equipment, including lighting, HVAC, alarms, and backup power.

Programmable Logic Control Panels

EM&M have vast experience in designing & manufacturing PLC Automation Panels for Commercial & Industrial applications.

Streetlight Control Panels

EM&M streetlight control panels (SLCP) are a fantastic way to automate external lighting to save energy and promote security.